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About Us

OnGuard Self Defense was created with just one purpose in mind; Your Safety!  Unfortunately, it has become increasingly dangerous to engage in everyday activities which you once felt completely safe in doing. Whether you're going for a walk, jogging, or just walking to your car at the end of the day, you don't really feel safe anymore. Every time you turn on the TV, you see news of assaults, muggings, robberies, and carjackings, even in broad open daylight. You worry about your daughter or son away at college. You worry about a family member home alone at night.

Let's face it, this world has become a very dangerous place to be, but you don't have to be a victim!  OnGuard Self Defense carries a wide variety of highly effective non-lethal self-defense weapons which can literally save your life. Click HERE to see Laws and Regulations that may affect you. 

While carrying a firearm might be the absolute best way to protect yourself, there are many reasons to consider a non-lethal solution instead of, or maybe "in addition to", a firearm. Maybe you just aren't comfortable with firearms, and there are still many places where you just can't carry a firearm, but you still need SOMETHING to protect yourself. That's where we come in!

Here at OnGuard Self Defense, you will find everything from Tasers and Stun Guns to Mace and Highly Effective Pepper Sprays. We also have Stun Batons, Stun Flashlights and over 500 non-lethal products that can, quite literally, save your life. We also carry products for Home Security, to make your swimming pool safer and for keeping up with your children, Personal Alarms, Hidden Cameras, Spy Cameras, Nanny Cams, and Surveillance Systems.  So, please, have a look around and check out the many solutions we have for making your life and the life of a loved one safer. You'll be glad you did and, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Thank You for Stopping by OnGuard Self Defense, we hope you enjoy your experience!!